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RTI Herbal Agro Germinator and Booster
RTI is a liquid herbal agro booster to be used as a growth & yield promoter in the crops of Maize, Cotton, Barley, Wheat, Paddy, Tea, Sugar Cane, Apples, Kino, Mangoes, Banana, Chilies, Cucumber, Potatoes, Onion and all other vegetables & fruit crops. It has been prepared from herbal sources such as a specific Honey, Aloe Vera & Shilajit with herbal enzymes.
  1. It is helpful in the growth of crops.
  2. It increases yield of the crops, vegetables & fruits.
  3. It spreads the roots by which crops develop to the highest level.
  4. It increases the seed's germination power.
  5. It promotes immunity of the crops against diseases.
  6. It decreases the needs of the chemical fertilizers which are liable to pollute the environment & food products.
  7. It is useful in producing helpful environment for earthworms.
  8. It helps to keep the consumption of Irrigation water to the minimum limits.
  9. It saves the corns from discoloration.
  10. It enhances the nutritious values of the food products so making them of highest quality.
  11. It protects crops against unknown diseases.
  12. It decreases the effect of bad weather.
  13. It promotes fertility of the earth.
Method of application
Mix 300 ml. RTI herbal agro booster in 100 to 150 ltr. of water and spray on one acre crop. For Horticulture use 10 to 20 ml per plant and pour in the roots.
Method of application on seeds
Mix 15 ml/per kg. of seeds into required water RTI herbal agro booster & apply on seeds two hours before sowing.
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