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RTI Herbal Products vs. Chemical Fertilizers
Chemical Fertilizer vs RTI Herbal Agro Products
01. Chemical Fertilizers (DAP) increases rigidity of the soil. 01. By using RTI herbal products hardness of soil is decreases.
02. Chemical fertilizers increases acidic matter in the soil. 02. RTI herbal products decreases acidic matter in the soil.
03. Chemicals Fertilizers destroy earth worms. 03. RTI herbal products saves the earth worms.
04. Chemicals Fertilizers destroy nutrients of vegetables,
Fruits & corns.
04. RTI herbal products enhances the nutrients of the
vegetable, fruits and corns.
05. Chemicals Products produce unknown diseases in crops. 05. RTI herbal products decrease the reaction in crops.
06. Chemicals increase the expenses of agriculture. 06. RTI herbal products minimizes the expenses of
agriculture & maximizes income of farmers.
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