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Crop Wise Usage Information and Benefits
1. Method of using on fodder
Apply 15 to 20 ml per kg of seed by mixing in required quantity of water 2 to 3 hour before sowing seed with grate early and there is no need of DAP use 60 ml per pump for spraying it saves from kohara.
2. Method of using and Benefites on Wheat
Apply 300ml RTI on 30kg of wheat seed by mixing one litter water and 50% of DAP can be reduced and germination of wheat crop seed will be 100% and early 60 ml per pump spray on crop. It increase growth and saves from bad effect of weather.
3. Method of using and Benefites on Potato
Apply 300 ml on 2 quintile of potato seeds by mixing in required water and 50% DAP can be cut off. It ensures 100% germination of seeds and by spraying on potato crop it saves from kohara.
4. Method of using and Benefites on Sugar Cane
After keeping seeds in the lanes, spray 600 ml per acre RTI Agro Booster on seeds before covering them with soil
5. Method of using and Benefites on Nursery
Every kind of vegetable rice nursery prepared with RTI when planted in fields plants start growth without with hering.
6. Method of using and Benefites on Vegetables
Spray 60 ml RTI per pump on vegetables, it enhances growth and yielding to the maximum level and decreases the flower falling of vegetables.
7. Method of using and Benefites on Botany
According to height of each plant as up to 5 Feet of plant 15 ml and above it 25 ml in water per plant in 2,3 litters of water put in roots. It increases the growth of plants and saves falling of fruits.
8. Method of using and Benefites on Cotton Crops
Spray 60 ml per pump and use 5 pumps per acre. It increase growth of crop, fruits do not fall and boots yielding to the maximum level.
  • Apply RTI to seed 4,5 hours before sowing and make seeds dry spreading in shadow.
  • It is necessary for farmers they should check seeds without RTI in minimum place.
  • Grow wheat vegetables and fodder for animals of which milk is for personal use with RTI so that we can save ourselves and our generation from increasing diseases.

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